Monday, November 17, 2008

Tall tales

On the one hand, I feel bad about lying to my son, but on the other hand, boy I wish I had thought of this before.

With Christmas coming, Seamus has started seeing Santa all over on tv, in stores, etc and it has really peaked his curiosity. Yesterday we looked at the toy catalog and talked about how Santa gives presents to good boys and girls. He's not my baby anymore, he kept picking out "bigger boy" (he's a big boy, the older kids are bigger boys) toys like Spiderman and Ironman stuff.

At first this struck him as very cool, free presents, but as the day wore on it started to concern him a little more. Every so often, he'll make a comment like "So, bad boys and girls don't get any presents?" or "How does Santa know if you're being bad?"

I expect things to be pretty tame around our house between now and Dec 25th.

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Alicia said...

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