Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Part 1

Well, we've been very busy lately. The house is getting nearly completed and over the weekend we moved in all my mother's things. Seamus loves running around the "new house" and has found lots of good hide and seek places.

The weekend was busy with Halloween activities. We went to a party at the local musuem in town on Saturday. It was fun but poor Seamus was squeezed pretty tightly in his "chihuahua" costume. I say that in quotes because the only dog costume I could find was a pug but every since we saw that horrible movie, Seamus has had nothing but chihuahuas on his mind. I got a 3T which is supposed to be for 32-37 pounds. Seamus is barely 32 pounds but there is no way it fits. We could literally squeeze him into it only after cutting a hole in the crotch because his torso is too long. The feeding tube adds to the tightness too. It was the biggest one they had and he loves it. If we went up in size, it was into the big boy costumes which were all pirates and ninjas and I'm not ready for my baby to do that.

On Sunday, we met Seamus' friend Neve and her cousin and parents at a pumpkin patch. The corn maze was a hit with the kids but the best was the hayride. It went through the woods and had all the characters from Shrek, Winnie the Pooh and a bunch of fairy tales. The kids loved it. We also picked out pumpkins which we took home and carved last night.

I have to mention a cute story. Seamus and I went to Burger King yesterday and he got a toy that looks like a miniture tv with a couple pictures that you scroll through. When we got home, James was watching football. A little while later I went into the room and saw Seamus sitting in his Diego chair next to his daddy holding hands with him. I asked him if he was watching football and he said no, he was watching the puppy show. He had put the little BK tv next to the real tv and was sitting there staring at the picture of the dog. He told us the whole story of the show, "It's about a puppy who lives in a house with his mommy and daddy."

I could just eat him up. Pictures of the chihuahua to come.

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