Sunday, October 19, 2008

CF Appt

On Friday, Seamus had his CF appointment. Things are going pretty well, his chest sounded clear even though he seems to have a cold and he also has an ear infection. Seamus is so used to living in pain that he never complains. I did think something was funny when he said on Thursday that Crabby Patty's ear hurt. I asked him if Seamus' ear hurt too and he said "Noooo, Crabby Patty's ear hurt" in a tone that meant he thought I was nuts.

She wasn't too concerned about nursery school yet but does want to keep an eye on things. Seamus had just finished a round of antibiotics for the last cold when he started sniffling again. If it turns into a hacking cough kind of a cold that lingers, we will need to re-evaulate school.

They are a little concerned about his weight. His weight went down but he gained a half an inch so his BMI is going down. Not a good sign. We will need to increase his night feeds if this continues because there is no way he's going to make up the calories by eating. The kid just has no interest, except for french fries.

On a very happy note, Miss Terri's son did not actually pass away. There was some miscommunication at nursery school. Apparently, he came extremely close but they were able to revive him. He is in critical condition, but doing okay.


Alicia said...

What great news to hear she didn't lose her son!

Seamus sounds like the sweetest (and toughest) boy. We are in a constant battle with weight, and every time she has the tiniest sickness she drops off again. What do your night feedings consist of?

Thanks for the update!

Post Pals said...

Ive just found your blog (via beckys) so thought I would sign to say "Hi", I hope your son manages to put some weight on in the near future x