Friday, June 18, 2010

Thank you, Mary Kate

We met Mary Kate McKenna last year when she did a photo shoot of Seamus for "The Littlest Heroes Project". Seamus and MK hit it off right away and although we only spent a few hours with her, we've kept in close touch.

She is getting married this weekend and this what she posted yesterday on her Facebook account:

Many of you have asked what you can do for our wedding- I have a simple request- please donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of one of my very favorite people on this earth, little Seamus, who stole my heart when I photographed him and his family last year. (here's some photos: Seamu...s (child of James Coleman and Julie Scheib Coleman) is an incredible kid- so let's use this time of celebration to help find a cure for this painful disease. Thank you all so much!

She is the one who should be recieving gifts yet she gave us the best gift of all. I can never repay her. She truly is amazing.

Not only is she a great person, but she's also a fabulous photographer. Here's a video I made of her photos. I've posted it before but I can watch it over and over.

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Sandy said...

So I found you in "blog world." I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and started my own blog. I am a newbie though..and working on figuring the ins and outs. Love the photos and video of Seamus for LIttle Heroes Project. we love our 2nd home- Hopkins. Thanks for all your help with questions prior. We had so many negative thoughts from the other helped. So glad to feel comfortable there. Take care of you and that sweet boy!