Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long time

Well, I've let it go too long again.

Seamus had a nice birthday party, even though it got rained out. Somehow we crammed 16 little kids with parents and siblings into our house and still had a good time. It was Spiderman themed so he had a Spiderman decorations, Spiderman Pinata, Pin the Sticker on the Spiderman Game, and of course a yummy Spiderman cake made by his Aunt Meghan. The kids all made super hero masks and had to pick out a super hero name for themselves. Seamus was "Doggie Man."

My birthday was the next week and we had a nice weekend again. Seamus has become obsessed with Toy Story so we went to the 3-D double feature of Toy Story Parts 1 and 2. In that last few months, I've seen both those movies at least 20 times each so having to sit through a marathon was pretty rough, but Seamus loved it. We came home and the first thing he wanted to do was watch Part 2 again. He got Woody and Buzz dolls for his birthday, and he is truly never without them.

He had a pretty rough week after that, GI-wise. He had about 2 good weeks after his hospitalization before the same old symptoms came back. He had x-rays last Friday which showed lots of gas but supposedly not too much stool. Since he's complaining about pain again (it hurts like wood again, no more soft pillows), his doc put him back on the suppositories. It it the worst torture for him but he knows they help. Even while he's sobbing when we do it, he says through the tears "that's better, that's better." He is still not eating or pooping much and his stoma around his feeding tube is leaking which I don't think could be related to rectal ulcers so I think we'll be returning to the doc soon.

I meant to write this story down weeks ago so I wouldn't forget it. For a few days in a row, I could not get the theme song from "The Imagination Movers" out of my head. It was making me crazy. Seamus was trying to help me and said "Why don't you draw a picture of the song so then it will get out of your head and onto the paper?" I thought that was a pretty clever idea.


Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

I love that!!! He's a pretty clever kid, that wonderful little boy!!

Mira said...

yes, out of the mouths of babes...