Friday, September 25, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

We lost a very close friend this week. Our cat, Izzy, had to be put to sleep on Tuesday because he had "thrown a clot" which means somehow a blood clot found it's way to his hind end and we found him paralyzed on the basement floor. By the time James got him to the vet, his heart was giving out and his lungs were full of fluid.

Izzy was fifteen and had numerous health problems so the vet was always amazed at each visit at how well he was doing. He was my original baby. We were together long before I met James or ever thought about Seamus and when I decided to move to DC all alone fourteen years ago, he was the one who kept me company on lonely Friday nights. I also had another cat, Alice, but I adopted her as an adult and she never really needed me the way Izzy did. Izzy was cool because he was very loving but not overly needy. He was huge, 32 pounds pre-diabetes, and was much more dog-like, than cat-like.

He was so sweet with Seamus. I think they saw each other as kindred spirits, both took lots of medicine and went to the doctor's often. After this last hospitalization, Seamus was lying on the couch one day getting his dreaded hydrocortisone suppository and was screaming and sobbing. Izzy ran right over and tried to jump up in between us . After we pushed him away, he ran to the end table near Seamus' head and jumped up again. Now Izzy was huge and old so he did not jump often, but nothing was keeping him from his pal Seamus. We pushed him away again and then he jumped onto the back of the couch, which I have never seen him do. He reached his paws down to touch Seamus to let him know he would protect him. And it calmed Seamus right down.

Tuesday night, we told Seamus that Izzy was in heaven now with his grandpa and was keeping him company. He said "That's a good idea." We went on to say that Izzy wasn't sick anymore and didn't need any more shots or medicine. Seamus looked really happy and I knew he was thinking about his own treatments and medicine. Then he said "Do they have little kid stuff in heaven?" I had to choke back the tears when James said "Yes, they do" and all I could think of was "Yes, but I wish they didn't need to."

Good bye, Izzy, my love. We will all miss you terribly.

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Mira said...

Sorry for your loss. You are a gifted storyteller - this is a wonderful remembrance of your family cat.